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I saw your nanny in My america.

I might have kids soon, ergo I might have to get a Nanny. Especially if I am still spending a lot of time trying to find my America. Some of my friend’s kids have nannys. I have read The Nanny Diaries, I even had a nanny. Her name was Annie-Lee. I know how important it is to have a reliable and trustworthy person watching over your children. So you call your friends, get recommendations, anything possible to make sure YOUR nanny is the right person to entrust your child’s safety to. So, do you have a good Nanny, or will you find her here at “I saw your Nanny”? Only in my America.

Example from I Saw Your Nanny:
Central Park/E. 77th Street Playground in NYC
Received Monday, August 27, 2007
This occurred at the Central Park/E. 77th St. playground. If you have a little boy named Leon who is about three years old and goes to Kidville Camp (he was wearing one of their t-shirts), this is YOUR nanny! The Nanny was completely asleep in a lying position on a bench. Not nodding off in a sitting position, SLEEPING. The kid was running all around completely unsupervised. Your diaper bag made for a great pillow for her. PLEASE, if you are familiar with Kidville camps or know a 3 year old named Leon, alert the parents! This little boy could have left the park, been injured, been abducted or worse. It is much to horrible to even consider. Do you know why the sleeping nanny woke up? Some other mother (or maybe a nanny) tried to snap a picture of her with her cell phone! She may have even got one. I don’t know!
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