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Bush, Oil, and the plot to destroy my America while getting rich.

Bush, Oil
It’s amazing. I am speechless. Today is a new low for My America. I have just read and heard that the Democrats are responsible for oil’s sky high price. It is hard for me to even write the sentence without wanting to explode with the hypocracy. I keep looking on Drudgereport to see if Al Gore is being blamed by Osama for the proliferation of Madrassa’s. Does nobody understand the implications of drilling offshore and in Anwar. Let’s take away the environmental, tree hugger, global warming arguments and look at the facts. If drilling offshore or in Anwar were to get a green light as early as tomorrow, an impossibility, it would be years and years before any oil from these locations would hit the market. Furthermore, experts believe that these pipelines would reduce the cost of a gallon of oil by at most several pennies. Whooaaa, big %^&$ing deal.
Bush, oil
The only people who really want drilling to continue are the ones getting rich off it. Those groups are split into two camps. One camp lives in various desserts in the Middle East hiding from predator drones and the other camp lives in mansions right here in My America. That’s right, Washington/Dallas and any other enclave where the Haliburton/Republican/Chevron (Republiburton) people live/summer/drill. Isn’t it ironic.
Bush, oil, whitehouse, haliburton

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Blackwater turns streets red for my America.

Iraq bomb
Update #1 9/22/07- This is going to come back to haunt Bush. Blackwater targeted by Feds.
Update #2 9/23/07- Criminal charges?

I am just going to link to the Blackwater story here. It is your patriotic duty to know what is going on over there, so read it. It amazes me how many civilians we continue to gun down in the name of Democracy. Today Bush said that the MoveOn ad about Petraeus was disgusting. No Mr. President, what is happening in Iraq is disgusting. You seem to live in some sort of distorted and deranged dream world. Please wake up before it is too late for my America and stop having your puppets regurgitate the same lies that you make.
Please take a little time to watch this very interesting video catching Bush’s spokesmen in their lies.

Learn about Blackrock in this next video. Very, very scary. Some interesting tidbits in this video including how the founder of Blackrock is a right wing, Christian, conservative (surprise!!!) who once interned for Bush and now is a big money contributer. Earnings for Blackrock in 2001 were a measly $200,000. As of last year, hundreds of millions of dollars were syphoned to Blackrock. How many scandals lurk in this white house? Bring back Monica. I would rather have a President getting off in the Oval Office than a President getting off on our country imploding. It’s almost as if he enjoys it.
Be sure to pay careful attention to the last two minutes of this video when Bush is questioned about military privatization.

“I’m honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein.”-Bush-Washington, DC, May 25, 2004.
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Did someone eat my America?

If you’re an angler, you know that catfish eat almost anything. This fish seems like it has eaten everything. But I don’t think it has eaten my America. The problem with eating is reserved for our very own citizens who have turned eating into an art form. A very Pollockian art form complete with copious amounts of material (food) splattered all over a very large canvas (dinner plate). This problem effects 30% of Americans and the number continues to swell every year. Many scientists argue that genetics are to blame. We need to allocate more money to research this problem because it is draining my America’s coffers. Whatever the cause may be, it needs to be addressed before we have our cake because undoubtedly we will eat it too.

Update 8/27/07- Every State Fails to Cut Obesity.

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Not only did they not find my America, they found absolutely nothing.

Outer Space
I have read A Brief History of Time and watched one too many Carl Sagan films about the universe and yet it never ceases to amaze me. I didn’t expect them to find my America way out there. But, I also didn’t expect them to find nothing.

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How I miss my America.

US Flag
I woke up this morning disgruntled, dismayed, and wholeheartedly disgusted to see that everything has changed. Unfortunately, I have woken up in a similar fashion for several years now. I used to be a proud American. The land of the free, the home of the brave. That used to resonate so clearly in my head. Not only was I proud, but I knew that all over the world, people looked at our great country as a symbol of financial strength, Democracy, technological prowess and sophistication. How everything tumbles so quickly. What has happened to America and how did she lose her colors so quickly? For what I see when I walk the streets, turn on the TV, and read the paper is not the Red, White, and Blue. But rather some sort of muddled and unfamiliar shadow like color that has obscured the very sanctity and brilliance that this nation once had. I am going to try to paint the picture of our country’s decay by illuminating and exposing some of its most toxic elements. Because only once these elements are exposed, can we begin to regain our former glory.

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Hello world!

Welcome to America.

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