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Breaking News in My America. Do Republicans have any morals?

Larry Craig

“Nothing in the petition even hints at a lack of guilt of the offense of disorderly conduct. Nothing in the record supports, in any way, a contention by the defendant, that in any of his dealings with (Prosecutor Christopher) Renz or with the court, he denied his guilt.” – Excerpts from Hennepin County Judge Charles Porter’s ruling on Thursday.

“I have seen that it is possible for me to work here (the Senate) effectively,” Craig said in a written statement today despite the fact that a judge ruled that he could not rescind his guilty plea in a men’s room sex sting.

Read news article here.

Read my original post on Craig and see the video of him in 1982.

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The Council for National Policy is hiding my America.

Thompson, Republican
Update #1 – Cheney goes on secret ultra conservative mission.
In following with the creepy theme, I thought I would send you some highlights of a group meeting secretly on my America’s soil since 1981.

Membership is by invitation only.
Members are instructed not to refer to the organization by name.
Members are powerful figures, from the Religious Right and the anti-government, anti-tax wing of the ultra-conservative movement.
It’s membership list reads like a who’s who of the Republican right and many of their speakers and members are linked to Bushie.
Some have called this group the most elite and powerful collection of Republican leaders in the country.
According to this article, “In addition to obsessing over communist threats and buttressing white supremacist ideology, the CNP has included many members bent on replacing American democracy with theocracy.”
Go to their website here and read about this “club” and their plans for my America. Be prepared to be scared.
Why Thompson’s picture? Well, he is running for President and happened to give the council’s keynote speech this Spring. Read it here.
Here is a list of past members.

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Still no sign of my America, so why am I smiling?

Larry Craig
It has now been almost a week and no sign of my America. It’s hard to have something so important in my life go missing. Whenever I try not to think about it, close my eyes and push it out of my mind because the loss is so unbearable, I end up feeling like a traitor. Then the loss starts gnawing at me again. Fortunately, I don’t feel alone in my pain today because of Senator Larry Craig (pictured above). Larry Craig is a VERY conservative Senator from Idaho with close ties to Mitt Romney. His super conservative voting record can be seen here. Needless to say, the poor, gays and lesbians, and the environment were constantly in his crosshairs. He is of course a proud member of the NRA. Unfortunately, Craig lost something as well. He lost his identity. Strangely, he went looking for it in a men’s bathroom in a Minnesota Airport last August and apparently he enlisted the help of other men in the bathroom to help him find it. He tried so hard that he was arrested for lewd behavior. How am I supposed to feel when stuff like this happens? I can’t help but sense the corners of my mouth rise in unison, a smile for my America?

What comes around goes around, circa 1982:

Update #1 8/28/07: While he was being interviewed about the incident, Craig gave police a business card showing that he is a U.S. senator. “What do you think about that?” Craig asked the officer, according to the report obtained by Roll Call.

Update #2 8/28/07- I’m not GAY says Craig.

Update #3 8/29/07- Step down.

Update #4 8/30/07- The recording

And now #5- The dust has settled.

Hypocrite – a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.

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