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Bush, Oil, and the plot to destroy my America while getting rich.

Bush, Oil
It’s amazing. I am speechless. Today is a new low for My America. I have just read and heard that the Democrats are responsible for oil’s sky high price. It is hard for me to even write the sentence without wanting to explode with the hypocracy. I keep looking on Drudgereport to see if Al Gore is being blamed by Osama for the proliferation of Madrassa’s. Does nobody understand the implications of drilling offshore and in Anwar. Let’s take away the environmental, tree hugger, global warming arguments and look at the facts. If drilling offshore or in Anwar were to get a green light as early as tomorrow, an impossibility, it would be years and years before any oil from these locations would hit the market. Furthermore, experts believe that these pipelines would reduce the cost of a gallon of oil by at most several pennies. Whooaaa, big %^&$ing deal.
Bush, oil
The only people who really want drilling to continue are the ones getting rich off it. Those groups are split into two camps. One camp lives in various desserts in the Middle East hiding from predator drones and the other camp lives in mansions right here in My America. That’s right, Washington/Dallas and any other enclave where the Haliburton/Republican/Chevron (Republiburton) people live/summer/drill. Isn’t it ironic.
Bush, oil, whitehouse, haliburton

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Massive flooding, a taste of things to come? Ask Lil Wayne.

cedar rapids, Iowa
Of course it’s a taste to come. Bush has bitten off more than he can chew. Screw Osama, Bush has blown up, gouged, and drilled Mother Nature and now she’s pissed. Really pissed. Oil rigs off the coast? ANWAR? Can you say flooding? Katrina? Forest fires? I can’t blame Bush for all of My America’s problems, or can I? It seems to me that this administration’s sole priorities can be boiled down to two issues. War and Oil. The irony is that we go to war for oil and in so doing make the very countries whom we are fighting in the Middle East richer. Though they spend $500,000 a minute on the war, Bush and his cronies do not want to spend a dime making investments in alternative energy. In hindsight, the cost that this has on our environment will be the gravest error of the Republican Administration. Fortunately Bush is almost done, out, gone forever. Lil Wayne wrote a diddy for Bush I thought you might enjoy:

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America (Rome) is burning. Are those matches in your hand Mr. President?

I know all those crazy liberals have been talking about global warming for years now. Heck, Al Gore has reinvented himself as Mr. Green running hell bent around the globe preaching about the polar ice caps and the French Alps and some island that is sinking and all fifty inhabitants that have to move. They talk about some Spanish wind, something like El Nina. What’s the big deal if a couple of hot days are just a little hotter? Who cares if some coral turns white? Do I really care if some spitting frog goes extinct?
Here in Crawford, there’s only two things that matter. The price of beef and oil. I don’t give bull’s balls if some atoll in Indonesia or God knows where begins to sink a couple of inches. Look at Venice, it’s still there. I don’t hear Gore or Michael Moore talking about Venice sinking. As far as I am concerned, if it doesn’t affect the US of A, then it doesn’t affect Texas. And if it doesn’t affect Texas, then it doesn’t affect me.
Mr. President, Rome is burning and you appear to have matches in your hand.
Massive evacuations ordered in California.
The evidence is overwhelming.

Has it ever been this dry in the South East?

Bush has done everything in his power to promote big business (his friends) and in so doing lay the groundwork for destroying the environment. When will he/they learn?

From Thinkprogress.org:

Bush’s EPA Nominee Has Relaxed Rules For Polluters, Weakened Clean Air Legislation
William Wehrum, President Bush’s nominee to head the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation (OAR), has earned a reputation in Washington as “the behind-the-scenes architect” of some of the Bush administration’s most controversial initiatives. Some lowlights:

– Wehrum was a lead author of Bush’s “Clear Skies” legislation, which would have loosened emissions caps on dangerous airborne toxins.

– In 2002, while serving as OAR’s general counsel, Wehrum shepherded through a rule written by forest products industry lobbyists that relaxed the emission standards for formaldehyde. Wehrum had previously represented those same timber interests as a lobbyist.

– In 2004, Wehrum implemented new industry-friendly mercury guidelines that substantially weakened the Clean Air Act. Again, Wehrum’s former lobbying firm played an instrumental role in drafting the rule.

– Just this week, a draft of a new air pollution rule, drafted under the oversight of Wehrum, came under fire from congressional leaders. The proposal would allow polluters to discharge thousands of pounds of airborne toxins while “virtually avoiding regulation.“

“There are some monuments where the land is so widespread, they just encompass as much as possible. And the integral part of the – the precious part, so to speak, I guess all land is precious – but the part that the people uniformly would not want to spoil, will not be despoiled. But there are parts of the monument lands where we can explore without affecting the overall environment.”
— George Bush, March 13, 2001

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Does Grandpa know where my America is?

There are many things in nature that amaze me. Nature can be so incredibly beautiful. But a conundrum exists. Very often, the greatness of the beauty of nature is in direct correlation to the destructiveness. Huge snowstorms, monster waves, fire, tornadoes, etc. are incredibly alluring in their very nature but they kill thousands of people each year and destroy millions of dollars worth of infrastructure. Sometimes, things that appear one way are in fact quite different. This goes for humans as well. The man in the picture above looks like he may be receiving from Bushie a Grandpa of the year award. But no, this man is receiving the Presidential Metal of Freedom. Very interesting since he has been privately meeting with Bush and urging him repeatedly to bomb Iran immediately. This neo-conservative is the kind of person who has direct access to Bush. Kinda scary, don’t cha think. Read another article by a University Professor about Wolfowitz and Podhoretz.

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Maybe the coolest thing in my America.

This post has nothing to do with society, politics, environmentalism, etc. Rather it is simply one of the most exhilarating activities I have ever seen. It made me forget about my America’s theft for a moment.

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More Buggy Rollin.
Sorry, YouTube won’t allow me to show the video here but follow this link for the coolest thing in America.

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For my America’s true weather aficionados.

It’s very scary to read about the bathtub like sea temps in the gulf powering one hurricane after another in recent years. This severe weather which is now becoming commonplace should be compounded by the Arctic snow and ice melt.
“Just to give a sense of how dramatic the changes have been over the last 28 years take a look at The National Snow and Ice Data”, as reported by Realclimate.org. The figures below show the minimum ice extent in September 1979, and the situation today (Aug 9, 2007).
1979 arctic iceArctic 2007
As Realclimate reports, “The reduction is around 1.2 million square km of ice, a little bit larger than the size of California and Texas combined.”
Still hasn’t hit home, try this.
Central America, still reeling from Hurricane Dean, has another massive hurricane looming. Read more about Hurricane Felix. One of the best sources for current weather is Wunderground. Watch this monster grow and if you are on the Yucatan Peninsula, leave now.
Update #1- 9/6/07 A hurricane is brewing off New York.

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How high is my America?

Wide eyed cat
I am a huge fan of cats. Big cats, small cats, from little Tabbys to Saharan lions. Apparently, some cat owners in Sydney took their cat to the vet because it was staggering around the house and pacing incessantly. The owners knew that something was not right. What wasn’t right was that the cat had licked clean several lines of cocaine that had been left on some plates which had been served at a dinner party a couple nights earlier. The vet also found psychoactive drugs in the cat’s system.
I don’t know if Karl Rove has been to Sydney recently, but after reading this article it would appear that he may have been at the aforementioned party.

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The animal kingdom does not know where my America is.

I am absolutely convinced that it was a human who stole my America. Despite that, I must devote some Blogspace to the animal kingdom. Sometimes we are privy to amazing acts of nature. Here are two of them:

Turn up your volume.

Please wait for them to load:

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Not only did they not find my America, they found absolutely nothing.

Outer Space
I have read A Brief History of Time and watched one too many Carl Sagan films about the universe and yet it never ceases to amaze me. I didn’t expect them to find my America way out there. But, I also didn’t expect them to find nothing.

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I think Big Oil might have stolen a piece of my America.

Oil rig
Is there anything more corrupt than big oil? They report record profits quarter after quarter and yet have enormous government subsidies. They shamelessly destroy the environment. They pollute the air we breathe. Were it not for our nations intense thirst, and our surprising inability to create a suitable substitute, we would not have been forced to go into foreign nations and create wars under false pretenses to try to satisfy said thirst. Our administration, who is personally rewarded for these conquests, has done nothing to rectify this horrible situation for my America.

What has big oil done that is so bad?

Ask this bird.
oil bird

But someone must benefit, you ask?
They’re happy!

Exxon stock quote

“Natural gas is hemispheric. I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods.” – President Bush on natural gas.

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