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Does Grandpa know where my America is?

There are many things in nature that amaze me. Nature can be so incredibly beautiful. But a conundrum exists. Very often, the greatness of the beauty of nature is in direct correlation to the destructiveness. Huge snowstorms, monster waves, fire, tornadoes, etc. are incredibly alluring in their very nature but they kill thousands of people each year and destroy millions of dollars worth of infrastructure. Sometimes, things that appear one way are in fact quite different. This goes for humans as well. The man in the picture above looks like he may be receiving from Bushie a Grandpa of the year award. But no, this man is receiving the Presidential Metal of Freedom. Very interesting since he has been privately meeting with Bush and urging him repeatedly to bomb Iran immediately. This neo-conservative is the kind of person who has direct access to Bush. Kinda scary, don’t cha think. Read another article by a University Professor about Wolfowitz and Podhoretz.

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For my America’s true weather aficionados.

It’s very scary to read about the bathtub like sea temps in the gulf powering one hurricane after another in recent years. This severe weather which is now becoming commonplace should be compounded by the Arctic snow and ice melt.
“Just to give a sense of how dramatic the changes have been over the last 28 years take a look at The National Snow and Ice Data”, as reported by Realclimate.org. The figures below show the minimum ice extent in September 1979, and the situation today (Aug 9, 2007).
1979 arctic iceArctic 2007
As Realclimate reports, “The reduction is around 1.2 million square km of ice, a little bit larger than the size of California and Texas combined.”
Still hasn’t hit home, try this.
Central America, still reeling from Hurricane Dean, has another massive hurricane looming. Read more about Hurricane Felix. One of the best sources for current weather is Wunderground. Watch this monster grow and if you are on the Yucatan Peninsula, leave now.
Update #1- 9/6/07 A hurricane is brewing off New York.

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