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Burning Bush part deux in my America.

Dopey Bush
For all intents and purposes, Bush is the CEO of the most powerful company in the world. The United States remains the most influential and financially superior country on the planet, albeit our status is weakening. If the US really was a company, our falling share price, consumer complaints, dwindling market share, our overall corporate neglect, would have created a mutiny not seen since Enron. Nobody likes Bush.
Well maybe this guy does.
Bush supporter
Worth a thousand words.
Anyway, Bush should be fired. Viewed from an outside perspective, the scenario that Bush/republicans have created in my America is almost laughable. But when you actually live hear, when you have to gas up your car, buy groceries, try to sell your house, etc. it is no longer so funny. At some point the pit in my stomach begins to burn and I wonder why we in America are so complacent. Where is the anger? Where is the accountability? I suggest that Bush, a man who seems to think that God has engineered his life and thus can do no wrong, have a little conversation with the man upstairs. If my America is lucky, a bolt of lightning from on high may indeed bring about a simmering Biblical justification. Burning Bush part deux. Perhaps some heat induced moment of clarity will reignite some of the remaining brain cells in el Presidente’s kopf. If this works, and he does what is right for the country, let’s all stand up and chear his corporate resignation. This really is the only way I can think to save my America. (tear falls down cheek)
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September 19, 2007 - Posted by | America, Breaking News, Bush, congress, political, Republican, Society

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